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Ted’s Raising the Handlebars

Ted Baker's Cycle-friendly collection

Gearly beloved, today we have the pleasure of announcing a very special kind of wonderful. If you’re the sort of chap who dreams of life on the road – free from the shackles of public transport and never-ending tail backs – then keep reading. #TedBiker loves nothing more than to zip along feeling the wind in his hair, but as a cycling enthusiast, he also shares the sartorial frustrations of his fellow two-wheelers. While we’re big believers in dressing for the occasion, Lycra is rarely the answer. And so, we concluded that the only thing for it was to design a cycle-friendly collection that would survive even the most strenuous commute and still look freshly pressed on the dismount. 

Raising the Handlebars combines all the panache and attention-to-detail expected from Ted, with added extras to help your journey run that little bit smoother. Putting the aesthetic into athletic, our built-in action back allows a greater range of movement, while reflective details and secret pockets can be hidden away for a seamless road-to-office transition.

Ted Baker's Cycle-friendly collectionTed Baker's cycle-friendly collectionTed Baker's cycle-friendly collection

Watch cycling connoisseur Mark Ames of ibikelondon road test his favourite pieces, read the interview, then shop the full range exclusively online.

Ted Baker's cycle-friendly collectionTed Baker's cycle-friendly collection